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the only bad part of ANY rush song is when it ends.

this is music that makes the better times even better

how can 53 people not like this epicnes?!?!?!

@superxbetatester their simple minds cannot comprehend it, I'm afraid.

@superxbetatester THOSE ASSHOLES

This song is fucking awesome!!! Who the hell is on here talking about Cat Stevens fuck off with the Cat Stevens.

lyrics are simply incoherent: how can a song the d.j. plays on the radio be "elusive"? they're just stringing together a bunch of 10-cent high school vocabulary words and expecting people to be impressed. if you ARE impressed, shame on you.

@shawndimery bullshit. He fucking revolutionized playing the guitar and he did it playing the damn thing FUCKING UPSIDE DOWN. Dont ever say Hendrix is overated, why dont you fuck yourself in the butt before you say that again, DUMB SHIT.

@shawndimery Meh alot of those bands are overplayed shit. but Rush is a beautiful art form

Rush... THE BEST Rock Band EVER!!!!

martes, 8 de junio de 2010